91 Years Maria Callas

  The "Maria Callas Greek Society", on the occasion of Maria Callas’s 91th birthday anniversary, organized on Friday, December 12th,     a glamorous GALA DINNER at the "The Dome Hall – previous planetarium“ of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens.
  Cocktails bearing the name of Maria Callas were served, before the guests proceeded to the Hall for dinner (prepared by the Metropolitan Hotel catering) under the impressive planetarium dome.
  The President of the Society Mrs. Liana Scourles and this year's Honorary Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee, Mrs. Katerina Panagopoulos, (National Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe for sport, tolerance and fair play), thanked the guests and sponsors.
  The musical program begun with the impressive mezzo soprano Cassandra Dimopoulou, tenor Philip Modinos and the famous soprano Elena Kelessidi, in arias and duets sang by Maria Callas.
 After dinner, the internationally known accordionist Zoe Tiganouria and well known pianist Nikos Avatagelos played some famous international hits.

You can find more information in the Press Release