About Us

“Maria Callas Geek Society” was established in 2012 from a group of MARIA CALLAS lovers and admirers of her life carrier, her unique voice and her contribution to Opera  in 20th century. These collectors or simple admirers of her unique personality,  created this society  based on the standards of the respective societies existing  abroad.
  • To promote the Greek origins of Maria Callas
  • To promote and preserve the memory of the most famous soprano of lyric theatre
  • To preserve and promote the unique personality and legendary contribution to promote the operatic art
  • To help relocate and complete the first Museum of Mari;a Callas at 44 Metropoleas Ave in the Center of Athens, Greece
  • To enrich the new museum with new objects that belonged to the Diva (Opera dresses, memorabilia etc.)
  • To bring to the public, through the Museum all her performances, video and recordings
  • To collect and study all the books, articles written about her life and ascendance to a legend and how this contributes to the Greek and American cultural heritage.
  • To create events in her memory using new talented Opera Singers
  • To help promote the Operatic Art
  • To exchange talented Opera singers of different nationalities for performances at the Greek National Opera House and other opera houses abroad
  • The society in general will create the conditions (or circumstances) to invite famous opera critics for lectures, organize conventions and small opera festivals, educational seminars about Operatic Art for students national and international levels and cooperate with other similar organizations and societies to promote the legend of Maria Callas and Operatic Art